Allio Consulting supports individuals and organizations striving for equity in their communities, regions, and systems. We partner with you to create systemic and lasting change.

Strategy & Design

Allio Consulting supports meaningful and strategic dialogues that lead you and your organization to action.  We partner with you to design your intervention or develop strategic plans and collaborative plans that work. We help you to gather the information you need to consider a range of possibilities. Allio Consulting illuminates a practical pathway forward leading to action and resulting in increased sustainability and impact.


At Allio Consulting we are known for designing and facilitating meetings, conferences, and convenings that lead to concrete results and collective impact.  We create meetings and events that are engaging, participatory, inclusive, interactive, and productive.  Our meetings save time and reduce frustration for you and your participants enabling individual voices and group consensus.

Releasing the Power of the group
We believe in the power of groups coming together and provide an expertise in building consensus across diverse participants. 

Inclusiveness and Creative Practice
Our group facilitation practice uses best practices and emphasizes visualization of data, graphic facilitation, inclusiveness of all voices, respect for your time, and customization of the event to achieve you objectives and goals.

Events, Retreats, and Meeting Facilitation
Contact us to discuss how we can help you with:

  • • Forum or conference design and facilitation
  • • Stakeholder input and engagement
  • • Participatory data gathering and review
  • • Team building and development
  • • Collective impact design and development
  • • Initiative design and planning
  • • Strategic or Board retreats
  • • Mission, vision, values development


At Allio Consulting we believe in the power of information and shared measurement to inform change.  We support funders, collaborations, collective impact initiatives, and organizations with scans of the field, needs assessments and community listening sessions, and learning strategies and shared measurements.

Assessment and Evaluation that matter 
We partner with you to design a learning effort that will be useful and will not be put on a shelf.  We emphasize assessment, and evaluation that matter and work with you to build in a reflection and utilization process to ensure that the learning and reflection cycle is completed.

Listening to Your Community
We are boundary crossers.  We work with high level funders, grass roots community efforts and non-profits and those in-between.  We listen to ensure that we are learning from each other and promote shared reflection and learning.


Empowering communities with data
We believe that knowledge is power and we promote inclusiveness and accessibility for diverse stakeholders in our learning engagements.  We believe that data should strengthen collective change efforts and we keep you on task to empower you and your communities with data.

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